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I know how versatile and powerful Vectorworks is. I use it every day and I enjoy doing it.

I love being able to share my knowledge and experience with clients so that they can use Vectorworks to its fullest and enjoy doing so too.

About your experience with Vectorworks...

  • Do you use Vectorworks but feel that you may not be using it as well as you could be?
  • Have you been using Vectorworks for a while but still find some commands or tools confusing?
  • Do you see the new features that are announced for each new version of the software and wonder if they can help you with your work?
  • Do you currently use several applications to do schematic design, 2D drawings, 3D modeling and renderings, but wish you could do it all in Vectorworks (which you can)?

I Can Help

I provide training for both new and experienced Vectorworks users looking to become familiar with the applications or improve their existing skills.

From years of experience using Vectorworks in various offices and with a wide range of individual users, I have found that this very capable application is often under-utilized, misunderstood or even mis-used. Users want to be able to do more with it, and have seen in software marketing brochures that much more is possible, but they don’t know how to achieve it.

While there are some manuals and online resources available, these don’t work for all people. Often it’s the case that getting personalized answers to specific questions or concerns by a local trainer works best.

I offer a free file review in order to asses your current methods and to suggest ways of improving.
Contact me to get the process started.

Benefits of doing customized Vectorworks training with me:

  • Learning at your pace, with direct feedback to your questions.
  • Focused, personalized instruction to address your specific needs.
  • Strategies for either 2D drawing, 3D modelling or both methods working in tandem.
  • Topics ranging from overall workflow strategies to the use of specific tools & commands.
  • Highly applicable instruction to improve efficiency, productivity and consistency with the application.
  • Scalable rates based on individual/group sessions.
  • Ability to visit your location, teaching right at your workstation or meeting room.
  • Flexible scheduling to work with your projects, schedules and deadlines.
  • Options available for phone & email assistance when questions arise.

Regularly requested sample topics:

  • Drawing template setup - Properly start a new drawing “from scratch” rather than repurposing a previous project file.
  • Layers & Classes - The proper use of each to help get the most from your models and drawings.
  • Design Layers, Viewports and Sheet Layers - How each works and how to go from drawing to printing efficiently.
  • Customizing the Workspace - Organizing palettes, tools and menus to suit your workflow.
  • Symbols & Resource Libraries - Creating them, working with them and building a library of them.
  • Custom Default Content - Having Vectorworks start up with your own custom content.
  • Sharing Vectorworks Resources - How to create libraries of standard resources that can be shared between multiple users or computers.
  • From 3D Model to 2D drawings - Taking your 3D model and getting 2D drawings from it.
  • Rendering - From conceptual sketch renderings to realistic images.

No matter what you need Vectorworks to do for you, I can help… Get in touch!

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