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What others are saying about my training services:

“We were afraid to make the jump from our old CAD program to the new Vectorworks, especially with deadlines for drafting and design. Neil has made it all very manageable and in a few short weeks we're now doing all of our projects on the new program. Even outside of training Neil is quick to answer questions and always has helpful tips to get us where we need to go. We've especially appreciated that he has tailored our training and helped us set up our templates to suit how we like to design, not to how he thinks we should be working.”
- L. Lounsbury & A. Bauer, Lana Lounsbury Interiors

“I am constantly impressed with Neil’s prompt and personable service. He’s just a delight to work with. Since using his service for very pointed questions, I find I have been able to excel at Vectorworks Landmark much quicker than I had with manuals and tutorials.
I look forward to continued training as I get into 3D and other more advanced Vectorworks tools!”
- M. Howell, Terraluma Design

“I recently began working with Neil Barman to seek Vectorworks training to upgrade my skills using the program. As a long time user of Vectorworks I always felt there were aspects and features to the software I wasn’t tapping into. Hiring Neil for training has made a huge difference in how I design and draft on Vectorworks, and finally after all these years I feel I can keep up and maximize this versatile and powerful CAD program to the fullest potential. Neil is very knowledgeable, experienced, and he has a gift for instructing others. If you want to go farther in your design business I would highly recommend Neil for yourself and your staff to get to the next level.”
- M. Dunsmuir, Step One Design

“Thank you so much for all your help. Your very specific and detailed way of training helps us understand how Vectorworks 'thinks'. You are patient and understanding, logical and quick. l like that we can move forward to increasing our skills and sales. Most appreciated.”
- L. Hutchinson, Design One - Stevens Interiors

“Working with Neil has been a great experience. He adapts to your knowledge and skill level and has an easy to follow teaching method. I would definitely recommend Neil's services to someone who is just starting or someone with experience. His sessions are casual and are strictly based on your training needs. Thanks to Neil, I have become much more effective and efficient with Vectorworks. Looking forward to working with him in the future.”
- Leandra Hans

“I always knew that Vectorworks had so much potential but I never felt confident to explore it. Working with Neil has made an overwhelming program feel less daunting. He is a wonderful instructor whom I would recommend to everyone! No one else knows Vectorworks like he does. I am looking forward to our next session!“

- Mari Kushino, Mari Kushino Design

As a high school drafting instructor I need to be on top of recent developments within Vectorworks. Sometimes the VW manual is not clear as to procedures. Neil Barman is an excellent instructor who uses clear and logical examples to upgrade my understanding of Vectorworks. I will be going back to Neil as I need to upgrade."
- Brent Birney

Before I started my tutorial with Neil I knew the very minimum about SketchUp and knew little to nothing about about working in 3D and creating renderings. After only three sessions I felt I was fully confident in the program to do almost anything even if it was in my own way. Neil answered all the questions I had about the program and was very patient with explaining every step to me and going over anything I was still unsure about. It was incredibly helpful for me and I would highly recommend him as a SketchUp tutor to anyone who is needing a design assistance."
- Ashley Hawes
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